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Downgrade image cisco aironet 1300 (Lwwap to autonomous) /WLC Mode/

Posted by zulqarnain pada Juni 26, 2013

Just simple config to change image cisco aironet 1300 from Lwwap to autonomous. there are two ways to downgrade. Follow it :

1. From WLC controller.

Prepare :

>– Tftpd aplication : to get image from ftp mode. link

>– releable conection, don’t lost with your conection because it makes system crash. (not recomanded)

Execution :

– login with admin account to WLC controller. (read/write)

– follow the command :

<Cisco AP > config ap tftp-downgrade [ip-tftp] [image name] [radio-name] [enter] , see this screenshoot.

downgrade from wlc

Just simple mode but before implement make sure again you have authority to execution.

2. with xmode console (coming soon)


Good Luck


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