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Post Your blog on WordPress

Posted by zulqarnain pada Maret 7, 2013


Almost all people arround in the world likes the technology. Maybe It’s like internet who now famous with internet for example media social network. Everyone can make anything very easy using internet because it just need to access, hardware to mediator & skill for using it. With internet we can also publish the writing, your statement, tutorial or your journey only on the website. You now what it is ?, It name is Blogging. The benefit if you do it you can increase your brain for smart thinks, easy  for relation with the people. Okey,  if you ready to post & share about your experience please join us. I would to introduce my blog engine who used it now. The blog name is WordPress, Make your freedom :).

benefits that can be taken if you blogging with WordPress :

1.  free membership to join us with subdomain exp :

2.  menagable for customize your blog.

3.  easy posting & upload pict, video or just link web.

4.  security include for your personality.

5. easy for looking statistic for your guest visitor (day,weekly or month), popular blog & your follower blog.

6. Easy looking partner for ready to start blog & etc.

Let’s Us to join the blog community, more benefit who can take it. Make your inspiration or idea into your blog &  tell the everyone in arround the world that we can be the best through blogging.



Owner blog 🙂

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